Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Warm N Green.

Today is undeniably beautiful out here in Chicago which can only mean that it's most likely undeniably beautiful out everywhere else in the United States. Chicago is usually last at getting the great forecasts. :)

But with the warmer temperatures excitedly peaking around the corner, I cannot keep my mindful wheels from turning about one subject: breakfast.

Warmer temperatures mean fun, exotic fruits here in the Midwest. Papaya, mango, coconut, all the vibrant colors that turn a morning smoothie into a wannabe frozen cocktail on white sand beaches.  For your body's sake, breakfast should be kept light. Your body will naturally be cleansing itself in the morning, much like what one would do when they shower. It gets you ready for a day of nourishment by removing what toxic waste (yes, exactly what you're thinking of) it can so that it can just eat up vitamins and minerals throughout the day. So, when you wake up and when you get hungry (which is your body's way of telling you its ready), you want to think:

BLENDED! = easy digestion.
LIGHT! = easy digestion and won't drag you down.
FRESH! = leafy green, fruit.
SIMPLE! = easy digestion, water-based, most efficient.

Get playful with this too! Throw in some fun stuff! Mix and match with what you've got and see what you like the most. Always include:

GREENS! = 70% of entire smoothie, spinach, kale, romaine, could add watercress as a spicy/tangy addition.
FRUIT! = just for sweetness.
LEMON or LIME! = juice of half or 1 whole, the digestive enzymes in these tart little wonders will be of great assistance to your body when its working to take in all of those nutrients most efficiently.

So, here's to waking up and to sunshine. Happy Wednesday!

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