Monday, March 26, 2012

Fruit First.

Health and nutrition should spring forth from the learned facts about your body and its natural functions.

This concept works for me.  It seems totally simple and easy-going.  When you learn something about how your body works and the properties of food and how they blend together most harmoniously, all you have to do is start following that principle.  The result is more energy, less extra weight, much less fat and less diseases.  Eventually, too, your ideal weight.

That's how I felt when I learned this little snippet about fruit:  
Fruit should always be eaten first or on an empty stomach.

Why?  Because the facts about fruit are:  
It is filled with water.
It rots in hot temperatures.
Facts about your body:
It digests fruit very quickly because of the naturally high water content.
It is about 98.6 degrees. Hot.

So, if you eat fruit with other foods that are more dense, the fruit has to hang out and wait in a long line before it gets a turn to be digested.  Think the line at the grocery store on Thanksgiving morning or the Lululemon checkout line on its warehouse sale day.  In that amount of time (2-3 hours for proteins, starches, and longer for a mixture of both) it begins to rot and ferment, changing it from its fresh, super nutritious, raw state to a toxic pile of rotted waste.  Gross. :(  It also causes bloating.
BUT, if fruit is eaten on an empty stomach and at least a half an hour before other food, it will have time to digest very quickly and very well and provide your body with all of its wonderful benefits. Yay!

These pieces of information are SO VERY important to keep a ton of toxins out of your body, keep away from bloating, and stop premature aging.  Especially when you believe you are eating something good for you, you want to know you are actually reaping the benefits of your intentions!

Happy Monday and Happy Eating!

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