Friday, March 2, 2012

Pocket Books and Tupperware.

Okay, so I never have nor will I ever write about anything more important than this when it comes to health.
Behold, I have surely discovered the secret to a consistently healthy, flourishing lifestyle.

Here it is:


Plan ahead. Plan plan plan plan plan and plan again and again and over and over again every single day of your life.

I'm sorry, that was annoying and repetitive.  But I am serious and I know how serious I am from experience. You can learn everything there is to know about your body, food nutrients, digestive functions and exercise regimens but you will never put one ounce of that precious and valuable knowledge to use unless you plan your food intake each day.  And plan as ahead as possible!

I have to confess why this is on my mind.  As of right now, I am a tiny bit uninterested, jaded, tired (all synonyms for the word "bored") at work.  I did not plan my breakfast smoothie ahead of time and so was left to eat only 1 grapefruit that the boyfriend Brian (thank you again, by the way) so generously gave me, probably to stop my whining this morning about how I didn't make anything for breakfast.  So, the grapefruit at 10 a.m. was delicious!  Sweet, fresh, juicy.  But, as expected, about an hour later my body had done a great job at digesting the fruit and then it was like, "GIVE ME MORE!"  Very demanding.

If I had planned for this moment at any point before actually being on my way to work, I would have lasted well into lunchtime with a smoothie.  BUT I didn't. And so, the results of my lack of planning follow predictably:  even though I know the in's and out's of why prepackaged chips with a "Hint of Lime" and that are "Now Crispier Than Ever" will do nothing but reek havoc on my body and do nothing for the beautifying of my hair, skin, nails and energy level, I grabbed the bag someone had devilishly left on our office fridge and shamefully started munching.
This scenario proves two things:
1) A light, fiber-filled and nutritious breakfast is your only key to true energy and satisfaction in the morning.  It also gives you the added bonus of being good for your entire body as well and getting you off to a great start!
2) Knowledge CAN be power when it is possible to use.  This morning, my knowledge wasn't even possible to be used as power. I had not planned well at all and so reacted out of a weak physical state and will be paying for it.

So yes, maybe I'll add a few extra sit ups tomorrow but I more importantly I missed out on a breakfast that could have benefited me harmoniously from my head down to my toes.  Shoot!

So, are you:
Going out with some friends?  Bring your digestive enzymes with you in a bag to aid in your digestion.
Going to be gone all day?  Pack a bag of cucumber slices, celery stick, carrot sticks, grape tomatoes, or even chlorella tablets that are basically power nutrients in a little tablet.  Genius.
Work in an office?  Store snacks in a refrigerator or cabinet for when you are in a bind (not chips obviously).  
 Going for drinks?  Decide ahead of time to drink wine, especially of the red variety, over all other heavy alcohol and mixers that are literally depressing to your body and loaded with fake stuff.
Know you'll want dessert after a meal?  Make some raw cookies out of nuts and raw cocoa powder to keep on hand, carry gum, steep peppermint tea, dress up water with mint or lemon or orange or have a small piece of dark chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa.
Loving what you eat is the best!  Plan ahead so that you can make sure this will happen every single day. :)

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