Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tea Time and Tea Parties.

I really think tea has healing powers.
Just saying it makes me want to sigh deeply.
It makes me want to get all cozy and listen to soft music and read a good book. By a fireplace.

Tea was actually the inspiration for the name of this thing we've got going on here, this little meeting spot where knowledge can be shared and where we can maybe help each other make our own small spaces in the world a bit brighter and lighter. :) Gingerandlemon comes from tea that you can make with those two ingredients: ginger and lemon.

Ginger truly does have healing properties. It is a perennial that harbors almost all of its benefits in its rhizomes, or the root of the ginger. Ginger has the power in its rhizomes to:
Aid in digestion (especially of foods heavy on fat).
Treat nausea and morningsickness.
Alleviate high blood pressure.
Lower LDL cholesterol.

Ginger is relaxing and I think it has a sort of spicy taste, too, so it has a great delicate pungency. When choosing mature ginger at a grocery store, look for firm skin without any mold and very little to no bumps. Also, although it looks cool, the less twists of the ginger root the better. Ginger should be smooth and fresh to ensure its softer middle and good taste.

AND for the lemon. Lemon is FULL of enzymes that also:
Aid in digestion.
Purify the blood.
Detoxifies the body.

Woo!  Giving the tea that sweetness to counteract the slight spice of ginger, the lemon is essential for so many reasons. BUT. Lemon hates being burned! If the lemon juice gets added when the tea is not yet able to be sipped, it will kill the enzymes. So just doing a little sip test will keep the lemon benefits in tact. Ginger, on the other hand, with steep in the hot water like it's in a jacuzzi. Add it when the water is still hot, hot, hot.  Then sip, knowing you're keeping away from illness and detoxifying your blood and body.  What a brilliant liquid!

Simple Tea

1 cup (8 oz.) of filtered water
 3/4 inch organic ginger, with skin cut off and sliced into pieces (not too small)
1/2-1 organic lemon juice
Optional add ins:
1 shake cayenne pepper (more if you're brave)
1/2 teaspoon organic, local honey 
1/2 organic lime juice
Stevia for some sweetness

Heat water in teapot or on stove.  Add ginger pieces.
Let steep until water is sip-able.  Add lemon juice or other ingredients.


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